Applied skills and tools:
UX / UI / Conception / Agency Management / App / Adobe CC
In order to fulfill the quality assurance of rail welds, experts measure and record, regardless of the weather conditions, the straightness of tracks. The RAILSTRAIGHT measuring devices by the Goldschmidt-Thermit Group, which are approximately one meter long, are used for these measurements. Via bluetooth, the measurements can be controlled and evaluated using the RAILSTRAIGHT APP. The app takes a variety of country- and customer-specific standards and evaluations into account and is at the same time easy and intuitive to use.

In addition to the RAILSTRAIGHT APP, other Android apps for rail measurement were developed for the Goldschmidt-Thermit Group with the help of the company’s own design guide. Although usability in outdoor situations can become tricky, the apps are created to be user-friendly and operability in outdoor situations is guaranteed.
This project was made for TheAppGuys GmbH.
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