My Diploma Project
Applied skills and tools:
UX / UI / Conception / App / Web / HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Adobe CC
Every traveller is familiar with the circumstance of a layover when flying. Generally speaking, they booked this flight because it was less expensive, not because they willingly planned on spending a few hours at a foreign airport. Depending on the time frame, the layover does not have to be wasted at the airport. Sometimes there is enough time to leave and explore the city in which they landed. 
For my diploma thesis, I analysed this topic and designed a concept for an app solving this particular problem. The app "lamlha", which derives from the Tibetan Goddess of travel Lam Lha, is an all-in-one solution for creating tailored itineraries to spend a worthwhile layover. In this way, one holiday turns into two. This app is currently being developed and can be downloaded soon.
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