Applied skills and tools:
UX / UI / Conception / App / Illustration / Adobe CC
Every employee can confirm that sometimes, there are stressful days at work, sometimes a little more relaxed days, and every now and then one thinks: "What is this bullsh*t that I'm doing?"

With "Should I quit?", an app was created with which one can track working hours with regard to the quality of the task. Based on the “Sisyphean Task”, graphics were created based on Greek mythology. In this tale, Sisyphus upset the Gods and had to roll up the rock slope forever until all eternity, which keeps slipping so he had to start all over again. The phrase “Sisyphean Task” describes any work that is tedious and never finished. 

In the app, high-quality work is equated with the Olympic torch relay and time when one has nothing to do with the wine-drinking God Bacchus. In the event of sufficient amount of data, the app gives the user advice to quit, stay or talk to their boss.
This project was made for TheAppGuys GmbH.
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