Applied skills and tools:
UX / Conception / Scrum / Product Development / eCommerce / Agile Project Management / Requirement Writing / User Stories / User Acceptance Testing / Agency Management / Customer Journey Mapping / Web / HTML / CSS / Jira / Confluence / CoreMedia / GetFeedback / Adobe CC
Just like the air we breathe, telecommunication is a fixed part of our daily lives. o2 is offering mobile communication services as well as DSL solutions for private users and businesses. Since o2 and Blau have their platform based on a whitelabel solution, both brands needed equal UX support.
For existing customers, services in the “Mein o2” section on o2’s website were supported and continuously improved with provided wireframes, user stories and requirements. Different requests from various stakeholders were taken care of. The website’s consistency was guaranteed by a design system based on reusable components and classes. In agile groups, the teams worked closely together with developers in order to create the best possible new features. There was a big focus on introducing the eSIM functionality which is nowadays essential for every new mobile device on the market. With a new channel introduced for Apple Watch users who want to use callular services by o2 on their watches, o2 can call itself a true omnichannel brand.
The website can be viewed at
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