Applied skills and tools:
UX / UI / Conception / Product Development / Web / HTML / CSS / JavaScript / SEO / WordPress / Drupal / Google Analytics / Social Media Management / Adobe CC
The new corporate identity for the app agency TheAppGuys, based in Cologne, aimed to show their modern, elitist and competent way of working. The logo was reduced to typography with a full stop to underline ultimateness. 
Corresponding with the typography, a pattern of smartphone devices was created which can be expanded depending on the size of the medium. Smartphones illustrate app development which is the company's main business focus. Within this pattern, screenshots of their app projects can be placed and presented.
Regarding the print media, a new approach was taken as well. Classical brochures have been replaced with small folders which can be filled with an individual selection of postcards showing their work. Every business card forms part of a puzzle which, put together, demonstrates the whole pattern of devices.

The website can be viewed at
This project was made for TheAppGuys GmbH.
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